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Curb Appeal 
WOW!! Thats the first impression you want to convey to all potential buyers of your home.  A well maintained lawn, mulched flowerbeds, flower pots at the front door, polished hardware, and clean unobstructed walkways starts your home presentation.
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  All rooms should have some furnishings. Personal photos, clutter, and memorabilia should be removed. Place a lamp in rooms that do not have overhead or recessed lighting. Try to make the home light and bright.
Move-In Ready
Time to make your home spacious and cludder free. You will be moving and this could be the perect time have a garage sale. Closets should not be over stuffed. Closets should not be overstuffed , cabinets and garage should appear organized with space to spare. If necesary-rent a storage locker to store your extras.
Design Features
  If your home has issues such as needing a new roof, or one that is leaking, or an a/c or furnace on it last years, it may be wise to address the repairs before putting your home on the market.
A comparative market analysis (CMA) will help determine where you home should price your home. Overpriced homes either do not sell or take a longer period of time to sell.
location, location. How many times have you heard that real estate expression. If your home backs up to a main highway, soft background music or a water fountain may help.
 that appear on your property can be a detriment to the sale. It may affect the price a buyer will offer and it will probably have to be settled at or before closing. It should be addressed as early as possible.
  A picture is worth a thousand words. Good photos of your home and a virtual tour arouses the buyers interest in your home. Make them top quality.
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